Tech Day Sunday – Top 5 guaranteed jobs of tomorrow in a AI world

The World Economic Forum has predicted that two-thirds of today’s primary school children will end up in careers which don’t even exist yet.

As AI technology will dominate our future, here are the top five of the best jobs to guarantee you will not be replaced by a robot:

  1. Aesthetician: The beauty therapist of the future, thanks to advances in biochemistry that allow people to control their looks.
  2. Simplicity expert: Integral in the ever more complex world of business, they will be tasked with looking at how businesses can streamline their operations.
  3. Gamification designer: The creators who make game-like experiences out of otherwise boring activities, tackling anything from giving up bad habits to keeping fit.
  4. Nostalgist: Using virtual reality, nostalgists will take people back to a favoured time in history.
  5. Carbon capture technician: The people responsible for saving the planet by slowing down climate change. They will do this by using new technologies to capture and safely use greenhouse gases.

Yeah, its time for us all to hit the virtual books 😬


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