Awaken your inner genie

During the course of our lives we will have moments of mind stagnation. We stop dreaming, wanting or hoping.  As children we dream for days, but as adults we oftentimes lack that inspiration because real adulthood responsibilities occupy our thoughts.

Here are some tools to awaken the inner genie in you:

  • decide what you are passionate about and write it down
  • write down the intentions with a date that you want to accomplish this goal
  • pursue this goal with reckless abandon because it will awaken your creativity in your brain
  • create a mood board in an app, or in a book with pictures
  • meditate, visualize and feel this goal has been accomplished to allow the flow towards you
  • use your obstacle as opportunities to attain your goal
  • stop punishing yourself for the things, or events that went wrong, learn and move on

There is no wish, or dream too high.  You just have to decide not to settle and put forth massive action.  Don’t settle for an ordinary life when you can create an extraordinary one.

Namaste 🙏🏼

photo credit:  Beautiful Photographs by Svetlana Belyaeva




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  1. Jess

    Great recommendations. I have to make time and introduce meditation into my life. I hear amazing things about meditation positive benefits.

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