What type of relationship do you have?

In today’s world of love, romance, marriage and relationships the roles and different types of relationships can be blurred, or mashed up to the point that no one in the relationship actually knows what kind of relationship they have.  It’s important to know which category you fit into in order to avoid future conflicts.

According to Dr. Pat Allen there are three types of relationships:

  1. Covenant this is the old school kind of relationship where where one person chooses to be respected and the other cherished.  It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, although most females and males biologically are designed in the following way:  females are cherished and males are respected as a result.  Dr. Pat Allen believes for a marriage to be successful, “there must be a covenant formed by a feminine-energy person who is grounded in his or her worthiness and desirability and by a masculine-energy person who is grounded in his or her competence and adequacy.  Feminine energy is magnetic to the masculine energy’s dynamic self, which is generous and giving to the feminine energy who requires receiving first before giving.”
  2. Convenient relationship where both partners have chosen to have busy full-time careers and both partners share the household chores and expenses. It is also very challenging and both parties have to literally “watch their mouths” because there can only be one captain in the household.  It may vary depending on the scenario, but men don’t want another man in the house.  If you are a female expressing yang energy it will not work out well in the end.  Same goes for the male if he acts too much like a girl.  Its also not good for men to act like women as it lowers their vasopressin.
  3. Co-dependent relationship is where one person is a 10 and the other is a zero. One person has intense attraction, feels anxious, idealize the other, ignoring differences, they quickly fall “in love” and make commitments.  They cling to the fantasy of love, then they try to change the partner.  In the end, they both feel resentful and disenchanted with the relationship.

Hope this helps some of you out there with your loved one. xx

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