Sleeping hacks for beauty

The final month of summer feels as fast as lightning.  I can’t get enough of all things summer RN.

However, we must prepare our skin for fall.

Here are some simple hacks for sleeping while beautfying your skin:

  • wash your face, I know you read this everyday, but its important to keep acne at bay
  • invest in a silk pillow case as it does not pull your face creating wrinkles
  • best to sleep with white sheets.  The dyes in colored sheets cause irritation to sensitive skin types
  • hydrate, drink a glass of water and apply Kiehls Ultra Facial Hydrating Facial Mask You will wake up and think you just had a sweet 16.  It really quenches dried tired skin.
  • three times a week apply Kiehls Cilantro and Orange Extract Pollutant mask it’s really important to pull out harmful city toxins while you sleep.
  • avoid salty foods before bed,  When you eat salty foods before bed, your body becomes dehydrated. Your body will start looking for water and start collecting natural fluids around the eyes among with other places. This can make your eyes look puffy when you wake up, not sexy!
  • Wear a ponytail, or bun.  Keep your hair away from your face to avoid breakouts due to the oil and hair care products. However, don’t pull your hair to tight in a bun or ponytail. This can cause hair breakage. Put it in a high and loose ponytail.
  • if you can humanly can sleep all night on your back its best.  Again, cotton pillows pull on your skin, especially the cheeks.

Beautiful glowing skin is earned.  Starting early healthy habits will help aging gracefully.

Sending you sunny and happy Monday vibes!

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