Should you refridgerate your beauty products?

Happy Humpday!

We are a couple of weeks away from Spring, hooray!!!

For the last couple of years, I have been eyeing these adorable skincare mini-refrigerators, and the impulsive Instagram buyer in me wanted one.

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Yet, the rational beauty science mind of mine prompted me to do some research.

The answer is NO!

A beauty fridge is an unnecessary marketing gimmick created by companies.

Whenever a product is released into the market, it has to go through stability testing, which shows that a product is stable, that it will not decompose at room temperature, and that it’s not going to lose its efficacy even once it’s opened. Products must be able to withstand extreme heat, including at oven temperature—which far exceeds that of an apartment on a hot, sunny day. Unless the manufacturer kept the product in a refrigerator or you bought it at the retailer in a refrigerator, there’s no reason to do it.

However, there are some beauty products you can store in your butter compartment in the fridge like a sheet face mask, face mist, high concentrated vitamin C, jade roller, cream, or gel formulated product to de-puff tired eyes. Also, a dermatologist prescribed medicated cream.

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Some dermatologists warn that exposing products to fluctuating temperatures can lead to instability and injuring the integrity of the product.

If you have natural, organic products that are recommended to be kept in the refrigerator, they can deliver a cooling effect that can help constrict blood vessels. It’s like a cold compress for the skin that reduces under eye-bags, calms inflammation, and tightens the look of the pores. Just make sure the fridge doesn’t run below 32ºF so that they won’t freeze.

Should you choose to buy one, know its a luxury, not a necessity.

Sending glowy skin vibes! 💋

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