Tech day Sunday – Want to date a celebrity look alike? There’s an app for that

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Men and women spend laborious hours on their online dating app looking for their ideal type of mate.  Now you can skip all of that noise and go straight to your celebrity crush look-alike.

Badoo, a U.K.-based dating app with 60 million global users, recently launched a “lookalike” feature that lets you search for people based on who they happen to resemble. That includes celebrities (there are over 600 alleged Ryan Gosling lookalikes on Badoo), your office crush, or whoever else; the app lets you upload photos of whoever you want in order to find lookalikes. Then, using image recognition technology, Badoo will do its best to show you similar-looking faces.

Badoo’s image-matching tech identifies 160 different facial features like chin size, eye brows, hair color, and the distance between one’s eyes, extracting those details and assigning a unique combination of numbers to each face. The system then uses these numbers to find the best matches among the many millions of images on Badoo.

The site comes preloaded with several recognizable faces to choose from. You can search for people who look like Bradley Cooper or Gigi Hadid, if that’s what suits your fancy.

One caveat, Badoo also connects to your Facebook page to find people who look like your high school friends as well as family members.  Now that’s real creepy.

What will they think of next? 🤔

Hope you all are having a relaxing Sunday!



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