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One of my favorite bloggers, the beautiful makeup, beauty, movie, and lifestyle blogger Mademoiselle O’Lantern wrote this post, and I wanted to share it with you all as some of you are going back to school, or you just need some extra tips and tricks while keeping it cute as you wear your glasses.

Check out her tips below:

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1. Don’t let your glasses ruin your makeup

My glasses tend to touch my cheek when I laugh and nose [which is normal] which can really mess up my face makeup so instead of skipping all in all my foundation routine, I just go for more of a long-lasting formula so that my face makeup doesn’t slip beneath my frames.

Usually, if you want your makeup to be long-lasting, of course, the products play an important role but the setting spray is also an important element. My current favorite one is the Rose Water Facial Spray by Mario Badescu but I also recommend NYX’s matte setting spray and Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray.

Another point is not to skip on your setting powder, I found that setting powder was amazing to make my makeup even more long-lasting and untouchable, my glasses never leave traces on my face when I use a good setting powder. My current favorite is the Master Fix by Maybelline.

2. Say bye-bye to your dark circles

If you didn’t know, your eye glasses [the frames] can accentuate your dark circles because they cast a shadow on your eyes so what I do is that I make sure to hide my dark circles and I use a light concealer to lighten my under-eyes. I honestly don’t believe in color correcting so I would just to tell you to choose a really good concealer.

My ultimate favorites are the Naked Skin concealer by Urban Decay and Skin Concealer by Kylie Cosmetics, both are so hydrating, creaseless, long lasting and full-coverage.

3. Colored eyeshadows vs Colored frames

One of the rules in makeup for glasses wearers is to go for eyeshadow colors that create a contrast with your frames. So if you wear glasses with thick black frames, I would not recommend black eyeshadow, instead I would go for light colors: maybe shimmery shades like gold or copper or even crazy colors like green, blue, pink. Just go bold, go crazy, go against the color of your frames.

4. Showcase your eyes not your frames

If you want your eyes to be the center of attention, I would recommend your to draw a wing line and don’t hesitate to complement your wing line with the frames; if you have a thick frame, go for a thick wing line, if you have thin frames, go for a thin wing line.

5. Lash out your lashes

Another issue with wearing glasses is when your lashes touch your lenses and that is bad so what I do to resolve this issue is that I curl my lashes before applying my mascara. In order for the eyelash curler to work, what I do is that I grab my lashes with it, hold it upwards, look down and count to 20. Directly afterwards, I apply two coats of my favorite mascara. Don’t choose any mascara, go for a mascara that elevates and elongates your lashes [well, this is how I like my lashes to be at least]. I usually put one coat of my Total Temptation Mascara by Maybelline then one coat of My Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara.

6. Don’t forget your brows

When you wear glasses your eyebrows are in the center of attention too so don’t skip on your eyebrow routine; plug them, brush them, draw them, do whatever you want but don’t ignore them!

7. Switch the focus 

giphy1.gifIf you don’t want to go crazy on the eyes, you can still draw a wing line and go for neutral eyeshadows while maintaining the focus on the eyes [and not the frames] but you can go crazier on the lipstick shades. There is just something about dark lips, or bright lips, and glasses that I extremely love, it’s just so flattering!

Inspiration for this article

The Look 

This is a simple, everyday look that I created for you. Red lips is my statement and you may have noticed it from my Instagram. Sometimes, I go for thick wing lines but today I didn’t feel like it. 35N.jpg


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  1. don't give a jam

    such a cute makeup look & some really great tips! but the issue i ALWAYS have is that it’s SO HARD to do my makeup cuz i CANNOT SEE without my glasses 😭 lolol my eyebrow brush is always hitting the mirror cuz of how close i have to get 😂

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