Spring Beauty Trends that will change the way you think about skincare

Hope you had a fabulous Valentine’s Day!

The Spring countdown is on, 15 days! Wooo hooo, pom poms in the air with lots of excitement.

I love keeping you beautiful inside and out, so I did some extensive research while attending New York Fashion Week shows back in September, so that I can bring you the intel on all things trending right now.

K beauty will have J beauty as a roommate

Last year the demand for Korea’s skincare and make-up products -i.e., sheet masks infused with snail mucin, cactus, creamy compact cushions and powerful hybrid essences – continued to rock our world, with soaring sales 66 per cent worldwide, according to Larissa Jensen, global executive director and beauty industry analyst at NPD. Demand for K-beauty shows no signs of slowing down, thanks to the increasing traction of the “glass skin” trend.

Expect to see lots of Japanese brands sprouting out of nowhere because the Japanese economy is getting better. The classic aesthetic Japanese principles of kanso, shibui and seijaku – simplicity, understated beauty along with calming energy. It sounds like Japan’s skincare could be the answer to our anxiety.

Simple and clean beauty


Products and brands free of’ harmful ingredients are considered ‘clean’. That includes silicones, parabens, and sulfates (especially SLS). Many natural brands inherently do this, but a brand can be clean’ without being ‘natural. You will see many brands tackling issues like pollution and formulas to eradicate toxins.

Products will offer 3 -1 and done


Many beauty companies are opting to simplify your beauty regimen. Say goodbye to complex and lengthy multi-step routines. Spring 2018, consumers will be most excited by brands that sell a compacted range of products that advocate simplicity and ease. This is excellent news for people like me that take 30 minutes for a nighttime beauty routine.

Do you see any new beauty trends happening in your country?  If so, let us know in the comments below.

Sending mucho beauty vibes! 💋

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