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People often ask me what are my beauty tips before a photo shoot and my answers are always the same, sleep, prep the skin and don’t drink fizzy drinks and just say no to alcohol.

Here’s my complete checklist for those of you that just want to look great before taking any pictures:

Mask it

The night before your pic day put on three types of mask. One sheet mask, one clay mask, and one hydrating mask. Your skin will appear glassy on film. Do not pick any pimples if you are having an outbreak. It’s easier to cover up through editing than an open pink bruised freshly picked pimple. Also, concealer is the ultimate magic skin eraser.

Remove hair

I have been on shoots and girls have a mini mustache growing. Shave everything, legs, underarms, and pluck, or thread your brows.


Get a mani and a pedi with a neutral color so your skin will be illuminated and your clothes will be flattering. Dramatic colors on nails is a distraction to your image.

Clean Hair Matters

I cannot tell you how many times some girls would show up with dirty hair on set.  Wash and blow dry your hair the night before a shoot because it will be more manageable and shiny.

Smooth silky lips

Use your toothbrush to scrape away dry chapped lips and apply a heavy lip balm.  It is hard to edit dry flakey lips.


Nothing says I am tired AF as eyes that look puffy with wrinkles from lack of sleep.  When you do not get enough sleep, the eyes become shiny, and the blood vessels appear more prominent.

You don’t have to be runway ready for any photos, but these small details will help you look and feel your best for your next close up.

Sending happy weekend vibes! 💋

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  1. tabsstyle

    Really good to know! Some things of this I aleady do befor I do my sessions for my blog posts. Some other are new for me. So I will add them to my “to do list”.

    Happy start into the Weekend :-*


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