3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Sleep

Happy Humpday!

I am a huge proponent of all things sleep. If there were a sleeping Olympics, I would win a gold medal. 😜

As we all know, a night of quality sleep is essential for our overall health.

Check out these 3 easy ways to improve your sleep along with a nightly set up:

No screens 1 hour before sleep

This includes your phone your TV, and most importantly your laptop! All these devices emit blue light that can mess up your natural circadian rhythm. Turn off the screens and pick up a book instead!

No Caffeine After 2pm

If you are a coffee addict and find yourself drinking lattes all day, it is time to break yourself free of that habit. Try replacing one or two of your coffees with a caffeine-free tea, or water to begin with, then slowly phase it out. You will find that you will fall asleep much easier and sleep much deeper.


Whether it be a relaxing Epsom salt bath, meditation or reading a book, relaxing and switching off before bed is crucial for a restful night sleep.

Nightly set up

☐ All screens turned off 1 hour before bed

☐ Morning drink and breakfast set up

☐ Clothes laid out

☐ Alarm set and positioned across the room (yes, it forces you to get up)

☐ Phone notifications turned off (airplane mode)

Do you have any tips? Let us know in the comments below

Sending restful sleep vibes! πŸ’‹

Photo credit: Ana Paul dos Santos Figuereiredo, Ana Paul dos Santos Figuereiredo, Cabelo, Jessica Belcost


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