Here’s how long your passport needs to be valid in order to travel

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Yesterday, I had to renew my fiance’s passport as we are traveling later this month, and I did not know each country has a different set of rules.

Check out this list of How Long your Passport needs to be valid in order to travel to the following countries:

Click on the links for more detailed information as many countries also require visas for entry.

Argentina – just a passport valid for the duration of your stay. A visa is not required for stays up to 90 days.

Australia – just a passport valid for duration of stay. A visa is also required for passport holders from Britain, EU, Canada, USA.

Brazil – six months passport validity beyond your stay, plus a visa is required for US, Australian citizens. New Zealand and UK do not require a visa.

Cambodia – six months validity, plus a visa which can be obtained on arrival or in advance

Canada – just a passport valid for duration of stay you’ll also need an ETA visa, which you can get online for CAD$7 from most countries.

Chile – passport valid for 90 days beyond departure date. A visa is not required for stays up to 90 days.

China – six months passport validity and you’ll also need a visa if you’re from the countries on this link. And here’s a very important detail: even if you are doing the 24 hour or 72 hour transit without a visa, if you stop twice in China you will need a visa. Despite my brother-in-law and his girlfriend doing all their research telling them no visa was required and boarding a flight to Beijing from Amsterdam, they were declined onward travel and had to purchase a new direct flight once they were in Beijing. €1500 later! It seems that one employee decided this was the rule, despite assurances by the airline it wasn’t. Moral of the story, don’t stop twice when transiting through China if you can help it!

Croatia – three months passport validity beyond the length of stay. A visa is not required but a return ticket is if you not travelling on an EU passport.

Cuba – You’ll need six months passport validity after departure and a visa.

Dubai – six months validity after departure.

Fiji – six months passport validity

France – three months passport validity

Germany – three months passport validity

Greece – three months passport validity

Hong Kong – passport valid for one month after departure

India – six months (actually they say 180 days) passport validity And you may need a visa if you’re from NZ, Australia, UK, USA, Canada or the EU

Indonesia/Bali – six months passport validity

Italy – six months passport validity beyond your departure date

Cinque Terre, Italy

Japan – passport needs to be valid for duration of stay

Malaysia – six months validity after departure

Mexico – six months passport validity is recommended, although you may be able to have shorter if you can prove your length of stay is over before your passport expires.

Myanmar – six months passport validity beyond the date of departure. Visas are also required and cannot be acquired upon arrival, you need to sort this out before you arrive.

Nepal – six months validity plus a page free for a visa. You get your visa on arrival for $25.

New Caledonia – three months passport validity, or duration of of stay for EU nationals

New Zealand – three months passport validity

Oman – six months passport validity.

Philippines – six months passport validity

Rarotonga (Cook Islands) – six months passport validity

Singapore – six months remaining on your passport

Samoa – six months remaining on your passport

South Africa – one month passport validity (Please check with the embassy or airline before you book.) Also note that visa rules have changed and New Zealanders are required to obtain a visa. Click here for the list of exempt countries >>

Spain – three months passport validity.  I love Barcelona, read my previous post on where to go and what to do in this alluring city.

Sri Lanka – six months passport validity – and at least one blank page in your passport! You may also need a visa and can get that online through ETA (Electronic Travel Authorisation System)

Tahiti – three months remaining on your passport

Thailand – six months passport validity

UK – passport must be valid for length of stay

USA – six months validity longer than your intended stay and a Visa Waiver must be purchased online at least 72 hours before departure for US$14.

Vanuatu – six months validity beyond your departure. 

Vietnam – six months after your visa has expired. And yes, just about everyone needs a visa. You can get them at your local embassy or online and pick up at the airport. Note: if you are entering Vietnam another way (via road or river boat, for example) you need to get one BEFORE you enter. Click here for info on your Vietnam visa and how to go about getting one online >>

Please note some countries change their dates, especially if there is some political situation, so click the links for the most up to date information.

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