Here’s What Coffee Really Does to Your Skin

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As a Colombian native I have always believed that great mornings start with a cup of coffee, so when I came across this post from Esther of Finding Beauty in the Middle East on Coffee and what it Really Does to Your Skin, I just had to share.

In most conversations involving health, coffee tends to come up a lot. This is because it has both negative and positive effects on your body. One study suggests drinking coffee every day is a good idea while others seem to disagree. See, caffeine is a dehydrator just like alcohol and sodium, so when our bodies aren’t hydrated properly our skin reflects it. The recommended amount of coffee is 4 cups a day if you are a heavy coffee drinker. The pros, however, outweigh the cons. The remarkable benefits of daily coffee consumption are associated with an overall lowered risk of mortality. Turns out the pros don’t end there because there are numerous coffee benefits for skin too. This is because coffee has high antioxidant capacities, and the caffeine helps improve circulation.

So, what are these coffee benefits for skin?

Coffee brightens your face

Drinking a huge cup of coffee in the morning is really good for your skin. What’s better however is putting it on your skin’s surface. Using a coffee scrub helps in brightening your skin, prevents clogged pores and softens lines. The acid in the coffee also gives you some chemical exfoliation. In addition, frequent use helps in strengthening the skin’s protective barrier.

To make a coffee scrub just soak the coffee grounds in warm water and add Epsom salts. Cleanse your face then scoop up the grounds to use as your scrub. Remember to scrub gently. Then rinse with water.

Great for dark eye circles.

Coffee benefits for skin don’t end with glowing skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce redness and tighten your skin. The caffeine in it promotes healthy circulation and decreases inflammation that results in dark circles and eye bags. The best solution? Let’s make an eye mask. The eye mask when used regularly moisturizes the skin under eye area and keeps it soft, reduces puffiness, dark circles and eye bags.

You’ll only need 2 tablespoons of organic ground coffee and 2 tables spoons of coconut oil. Make a mixture then apply it under your eyes by massaging gently. Keep it on for 15 minutes then rinse off.

Minimizes the appearance of cellulite

Using coffee to eliminate cellulite? Well, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is cellulite is fibrous bands that go to the top of the subcutaneous fat layer and pulls it down. To completely get rid of cellulite you’ll need to have those bands severed from the skin (there’s a cosmetic procedure that does this). Now for the good news, the appearance of cellulite can be temporarily reduced using coffee. If you are planning on going for a vacation soon and want to wear those shorts, just rub some coffee grounds on your cellulite. The effects usually last for about seven days.

Anti-aging secret

Coffee is packed with antioxidants which as we know helps protect the skin from free radical damage. Coffee oil has similar effects on the skin as the anti-aging skin care ingredient hyaluronic acid. The oil also increases collagen and elastin which makes your skin firmer. Some of the antiaging coffee benefits for skin include keeping your skin hydrated by reducing the amount of moisture that evaporates from the skin and protecting the skin against damage from the sun which is a major contributor when it comes to forming wrinkles. Coffee drinkers, according to some studies, are less likely to develop skin cancer and melanoma.

Some of the coffee benefits for skin can be achieved by simply having a cup a day. For myself, I prefer doing the scrubs since I can’t take my coffee without sugar (sugar is the devil according to some of us). How do you take your coffee?

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  1. Joy

    that’s a very nice post!!! I saw that The Ordinary has a coffee serum for under eyes, I was planning on to buy it and now you’ve definitely convinced me to do so!! My mum uses coffee for cellulites as well!

  2. sharonchyy

    Fantastic post as always, coffee are really effective without being harsh unlike other natural exfoliating properties like sand and sugar, they smooth skin but aren’t gentle but coffee exfoliate leaving the skin so smooth and soft. I use coffee every other week and it really works for me. Thanks for sharing and enjoy the rest of your day 💞

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