End negative mind chatter with these simple tips

As the holidays are quickly approaching, there are times that we tend to lean towards negative mind chatter. Perhaps, it is the limited hours of daylight, but for whatever reason, it starts during this time.  

Negative thoughts, especially about yourself, can be one of the worst things for your mental health. It’s normal to have bad days, and it’s easy to be down on yourself in the midst of challenging times. Working to end negative self-talk can make a dramatic difference in your mental wellbeing.

Check out these simple steps to end negative mind chatter:  

Catch it 

Learn to catch yourself when it begins. You have to become aware of how often it’s happening to cancel it. It’s easy to lean towards negativity as it is a learned habit. Still, you must be intentional about shifting the pattern.  

Become your own BFF

The negative chatter you say to yourself is downright bullying and mean. You would never say such words to your best friends. Start to treat yourself the way you would treat your best friend. Value yourself, and you will begin to believe you are worthy of being treated with loving-kindness.

Remember that season’s change

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When you are having a moment, it can feel as though nothing will ever change. We all know that’s not true. Just like the weather, life has seasons. Some seasons are harder than others, but the tough times won’t last forever. Be patient with yourself, and know you will come out on the other side stronger.

Don’t keep it inside 

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Find someone you trust that has a positive and insightful view on life you can talk to about how you’re struggling with negativity. Confiding in someone who loves you will also allow them to remind you to speak kindly to yourself.

Create a grateful list 

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To help put things in perspective, try writing grateful lists to remind yourself of what you have to be thankful in life, and specifically about yourself. Are you kind? Are you patient with others? Do you love taking care of your friends? You have amazing qualities that you should recognize within yourself. Here’s a previous post I wrote on 20 Things to be Grateful for this fall to help you get started: https://ingridmadisonave.com/2019/10/02/20-things-to-be-grateful-for-this-fall/

Affirmation list 

There is power in affirmations. If you have gotten yourself stuck in a routine of speaking negatively, then work to reverse that by creating an affirmation list. Be vocal about what you love about yourself. Writing a list is a great start, but try reading it out loud and truly believe it with all your heart. Affirm with your voice all the incredible qualities you have to offer the world around you. Here’s another post I wrote on 50 Affirmations to get you started: https://ingridmadisonave.com/2018/05/19/50-positive-affirmations-for-more-abundance/

I hope these tips help some of you struggling with negative mind chatter.  

Sending loving and kind vibes! 💋

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