The Biggest Beauty Trends You’ll See in 2019

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We’re all familiar with the term K-Beauty, and those of us with a penchant for Harajuku and the likes will know about J-Beauty, but 2019 beauty trends are all about C-Beauty according to FOREO – one of the world’s top beauty brand. It’s such a new term – Wikipedia hasn’t even listed it yet!

The FOREO Institute of Research and Development Lab in Stockholm Sweden and Shanghai just released its 2019 beauty trends insights, and while some were almost expected, we look at what C-Beauty means, how we digest collagen and how the masses will manage to prize themselves away from super Instagrammable packaging long enough to even use their favorite beauty tools.

Here, FOREO takes us through how the beauty industry has taken tips from its fashion and tech counterparts to disrupt 2019 and bring to the market new innovations and the smartest beauty gadgets we have ever seen to date.

Biggest 2019 Beauty Trends

1.     C-Beauty (that’s Chinese-Beauty)

The difference with C-Beauty, unlike the K and the J before it, is that the Chinese lead with the technological advances, bringing to the market a new and modern way of looking at skincare. C-beauty is all about placing technology behind the products which is in stark contrast to the traditional manufacturers, and C-Beauty is miles ahead which is bucking this trend. New factories opening, new innovations, pushing boundaries in beauty tech and making products smarter than we have ever seen before is what will make C-Beauty the buzz word in the industry over the next 12 months.

Unsurprisingly, today, the C-beauty market is the fastest growing in the world, with makeup sales alone increasing in value by 30%, and companies using new technologies and partnerships to cater to new markets. This will see this trend grow and grow throughout 2019.

2019 Beauty Trends and What to Expect

2.     Seasonality

The words ‘skincare’ and ‘seasonality’ don’t often go hand in hand, but this is exactly what we will be hearing in the biggest 2019 beauty trends. Like our makeup friends before us, seasonal beauty is about to become a thing. Yes, think tools and beauty regimes to suit the seasons, such as infrared, heated sheet masking experiences in winter and cooling technology to take care of our skin in summer. It feels good, it will have your skin looking good and it will also treat your skin according to the weather.

3.     Active Beauty

In 2018, we saw a hint of what was to come with many makeup and skincare brands delving into the active beauty category proving consumers now see health and wellness as an integrated part of their beauty regimen. Brands like Tarte launched an Athleisure Beauty Collection and E.L.F also got on the bandwagon with a Workout Ready line, showing us beauty regimes on their own are not enough so in 2019 we will see more brands integrating beauty into wellness and vice versa. An example of this is top of the range gadgets that will come to the market that will be the perfect gym bag staples. We will be taking our beauty gadgets to the gym the same way we would a hairbrush. Get fit, and look good – body and face!

4.     At Home Beauty Tools Will Dominate

2018 saw the rise of at-home beauty, with many companies starting to launch ‘at home’ solutions for every beauty desire. From spa level facials, to at home deep cleansing solutions, the beauty industry made moves to bring the very best of spa facilities right into your bathroom. Technology again was the driver here. Where the tech giants in the lifestyle realms like Uber and Airbnb disrupted the transport and accommodation industry – beauty tech is now catching up to truly shake up the 2019 beauty trends as we know. Could this signal the end of expensive spas and regular beauty appointments?

5.     Instagrammable Packaging

Yes, it is a thing. If it didn’t happen on Instagram then it didn’t happen at all. 2019 is all about the looks and beauty brands are stepping up their game. Think what GlossierTilbury, and FOREO have done and expect more. Limited edition lines, seasonal packaging, and super bright, instaworthy beauty products will all be coming your way. If you can prise yourself away from your Instagram feed long enough, the products will speak for themselves. If you look good (on social), you feel good too.

6.     Refillable Beauty

A strong effort towards sustainability, some of the world’s biggest beauty brands are now rethinking their user experience from the outside in. With this came the birth of ‘Refillable Beauty’, a bold move in lessening a company’s carbon footprint by cutting down on packaging waste. 2019 beauty trends see more mainstream brands resorting to refillable packaging in response to the outrageous amount of pollution in our oceans and its impact on our environment. Makeup brand, Stila, has introduced an impressive assortment of refillable cosmetics that range from powders to eyeshadows. Dior is also a newcomer in the refillable trend with a new line of reusable lipstick tubes. Rituals, Aveda and chic natural deodorant brand, Myro, are a few of the other brands that also practice responsible packaging.

Apart from using refillable products, another ongoing trend is to come as close to getting ‘naked’ products (with no wrapping). A true pioneer in this movement is Lush, where most of their items are sold naked, or close to it. It’s not easy to live a zero-waste lifestyle, but supporting brands ahead of the curve is a good start. Feel as good as you look by saving the world, one sustainable beauty product at a time.

7.     Superfoods

This 2019 beauty trends list wouldn’t be complete without Superfoods making an appearance and this year will be all about the collagen – ingestible collagen to be exact, and Witch Hazel – an ingredient known for its toning ability and assistance in soothing redness and inflammation. According to Pinterest, there was a 305 % increase in all searches for witch hazel proving the surge in demand. Similarly, Google Trends data revealed that searches for collagen reached an all-time high and China (see C-Beauty) was amongst the top three countries in the world where demand for this thrives and is growing.

2019 Beauty Trends and What to Expect

Product Marketing Manager at the FOREO Institute, Dalia Fernandez thinks the C-Beauty trend could be bigger than the K-Beauty before it. “Not only is China leading the way when it comes to technological advances in beauty, but it is also redefining seasonality in the beauty industry – so is all over many of the trends we are seeing and this will continue throughout 2019. It is one of the fastest growing markets in the world and now the world wants it.”

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