Budget friendly Christmas gifts

As Christmas gets a bit closer, and our wallets shrink just before New Years, I wanted to give you some budget-friendly Christmas gift ideas, so you still have some dough left for all the extra special moments you want to experience during the holidays.

Have a look at this list:

Scented Candles

I have never met anyone that does not like a candle to warm their hearts, and leave their homes smelling divine well after the holidays are over. My favorite place to buy candles for myself and gifts are TJ Max, Marshalls, or Century 21 here in NY. They have 70% off on name designer brand candles.

365 Days of Happiness Book

Spreading happiness is a way of life. Why not give the gift of happiness with this daily inspirational happiness book.

Abundance and Spitfire Kit

This gift is not for everyone, but for those enlightened friends that you want to share abundance. The adorable $20.00 kit is a sure way your friend will slay in their lane in 2019.

Travel Pillow

For as little as $13.95 you can give the gift of comfort and spare a friend an uncomfortable journey with this top-rated neck pillow.

Freshly baked cookies

Nothing says you care more than a cute bag of cookies baked by you. The time and thought that goes into baking cookies is always a way to bring a smile to the receiver.

Whatever you decide to give this season all that matters is the thought, and love you went into purchasing the gift.

Sending cheerful and relaxing weekend vibes! ๐Ÿ’‹

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