Gift Etiquette Guide with Flow Chart

Happy Thursday!

Do you ever wonder what the right thing to do with a gift you just received from an acquaintance, husband, boyfriend, co-worker, or an in-law?

Check out the etiquette guide below along with a flowchart to assist you in your gift receiving decision:

Keep it

Foodie items are always the items to keep or share with friends and family. Jewelry from a significant other is also a “keep it” policy unless it is truly not your taste, you can always exchange the item. If you really don’t want to appear “high maintenance” you can put the jewelry away for safekeeping and wear it from time to time. Never regift or donate an heirloom or something of emotional significance. If your mother-in-law gives you a tea set that’s been in her family for three generations, don’t just give it to your sister because you don’t have room for it in your stuffed closet.

Regift it

When the relationship with a person is new, or it’s an acquaintance, feel free to return or regift items that aren’t to your liking.

Return it

Always return gifts you have no emotional attachment to a person, or you simply hate. There’s no room in your home, or life to live with something you truly dislike.

Gift giving and receiving comes with emotions, so before you do anything, think about the relationship. Sorting out the emotional ramifications of niceties can be headache-inducing, but see below a tool to make the experience merrier.

Happy gifting vibes! 💋

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