DIY Christmas Gifts for him

Happy Monday!

Are you all caught up with your Christmas shopping?

I always find it hard to buy gifts for men, but some males are far more simple to please then us ladies.

Then there are the gifts that come from the heart like these DIY Christmas Gifts for Him.

Have a look at these ideas to keep the magic of love alive all year long:

Love Coupons 

Give your Bae the gift of surprises. Each coupon you list can be as inventive as you want. For example, one can be an hour massage or a simple latte to brighten up his day.

Photo Album  

You can print out 12 cute photos that you took this year, or your all-time faves and create this Couple Goals album.

Glass Jar with Snacks 

These delectable jars full of treats is just what he needs at the office for an afternoon treat.

Box of luxury spa essentials 

This head to toe luxurious spa box is just what he needs to relax and decompress. Men typically do not practice self-care, but when they do, they usually feel better.

Color me mine 

Nothing is more simple and heartfelt as a gift that was created by your own hands. Color Me Mine is a pottery painting studio that is great not only for children but for adults too. They offer wine as you brushstroke away at a variety of pottery. After you paint your pottery, they have to bake them, so you won’t have your item on the same day. Plan to pick it up about a week later at some locations.

Box, jar, or can of date ideas 

Some men are not “date night” planners. Why not help them with these cute date night suggestion jar.

Hope these ideas help you along your journey of finding the perfect gift for your boyfriend, fiance, or husband.

Sending much holiday love vibes! πŸ’‹

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