Mind hacks to avoid the comparison game

This week I was reading Diane Von Furstenberg’s biography. I came across a sentence that triggered a comparison feeling in me that was so unlike me when I read that she was running a 40 million + business at 29 years old! What, how? I immediately thought what did I do with my life? At 29 I was still getting up at 6am running to castings all over New York with no prospects of knowing where my next meal would come from.

But then I thought the root cause of this living situation was because of my subconscious limiting beliefs, and the fact that I did not marry a German Prince like Diane Von Furstenberg, so she was already in the social pages in NY versus me who was an unknown model.

In the world we live today, we can get so caught up on the comparison game, especially on social media, followers, likes, etc.

Therefore, I came up with a list of mind hacks to get me out of my funk.


Look at other’s successes as inspirational

You too can be one of the countless stories of people creating value, purpose, and money. Just read their journey and study the people you look up to as you can learn so much from their journey.


Be supportive, never jealous

Instead of feeling jelly over other’s successes, find a way to be on the same team to support one another. No one on this earth has it all, a tan, killer body, beauty, brains, love, money. They may show it on social media, but if you look closely, it’s not “real.” All of us need support no matter where you are in life.


Focus on yourself

To get the most value in life and time focus on your well-being. Just think of how many hours and emotions are wasted looking at Instagram feeds of other people “living their best life.” Instead, you can be doing that IRL for yourself to create a life you love.


Set boundaries for yourself

Do you have specific “triggers” that set off the start of the comparison game for you? Be aware of when these emotions happen and be proactive in deterring them. Maybe it means turning off your phone at a particular time in the evening, or refraining from scrolling through your Instagram feed first thing in the morning. I usually look at Instagram pretty late in the evening once I have slayed the day to get stuff done for this blog, or doing things in life that create a positive impact on the world around me.

Do you have any tips to share with us? Leave a comment below.

Sending zen vibes! 💋

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  1. ayrgalaxy

    Yes, I needed this lol. I hate when I compare myself to others, it brings me down and it makes me feel like I’m not enough or good enough. But I do try to be as supportive as I can. ❤️

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