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In my dating scene blog post (here) I talked about that guys always invite me for second date which is good I guess, it means I can share some tips how to be great at first date. Dating is fun in my opinion, I like chatting to new people I find it super interesting and fun. I know that for most of people it can be a little bit stressful, but I’ll try to give you tips so dating becomes fun for you also. Obviously some of these tips you wouldn’t really like, or you would find them pointless, but I’m sharing what worked for me. Let me give you my top tips how to impress guy on first date!

1. Confidence

I have to put it out there confidence is the most important. If you feel good in your skin, you feel yourself 100% guy will see and feel that also. Confidence gives you special “glow” and aura which guys are totally attracted to. First contact with guy, walking towards him is really important so make sure you look good, walk confidently (heels can help with this also) and smile when you make first eye contact. I get a lot of question about my walk, I have really eye catching walk I suppose. I always say imagine that you are on cat walk and own it!


2. Makeup, hair and outfit

People are visual, you are attracted to someone who looks nice and put together, so make sure you get properly ready for a date. Don’t overdo makeup, don’t go for full glam that’s my advice. Guys don’t like makeup, unfortunately it’s the truth. They like natural makeup, so I would say go for glowy bronzy makeup, it works, it will make you feel great and you will look great. For hair I would say wear it as you would usually do so if you like straight hair wear it like that. You want to look as you usually do in your daily life, so don’t go crazy. For outfit I would say wear something chic, but still simple and casual. I wouldn’t wear skirt on first date, because you will attract guy sexually, they work like that ladies. I would say go for jeans, leave skirt for second or third date. I wouldn’t complicate with outfit either, I think it should be simple, you need to feel comfortable in it, show your body shape, but be covered nicely.


3. Communication

Obviously this is really important. It’s the most important part of date. Good communication will make a good first date. I don’t think you should be shy, you have to be polite and classy remember that, but leave shyness at home. Let things flow naturally and don’t try too hard to seem interesting, leave that for a guy to judge. If he finds you interesting he’ll ask you questions and be interested in finding more about you. Don’t talk too much, it can be a bit annoying to a guy. Listen to him talk and then give your opinion and feedback. You should be interested in hearing him talk and finding more about him also, because that will make you appear very sweet and polite. It’s really hard for me to give you tips about communication, it comes naturally when you are with a guy.

4. Flirting

This is obviously important. I wouldn’t say it is super important, but it plays a part in first date. I would say be a little bit flirty, because that will make you seem sexy, but fun at the same time. I wouldn’t really go for a kiss on first date, leave him wanting more. I think that eye contact is really important, you know flirt with eyes. You can also touch his hand, that is really nice way to show that you are interested. I usually use excuse that my hands are super cold (which they definitely are), so I want to feel are his the same. You know if you are walking together turn and look at him, hold his hand for a second or touch him without paying attention.


5. Fun

You are supposed to have fun at date, right? Make it interesting, enjoyable for both of you. I would always advice a little walk on date, because it can be super fun, casual but romantic as well. I know that for some people jokes are not easy to make, but just try to relax and feel comfortable, that way everything will come easier. I love to joke around on date, because guys love that. They love to laugh at your jokes and obviously love to see you laugh at their jokes. So just relax and atmosphere on date will be great, you’ll feel comfortable and it will be a great date. If you are not feeling comfortable at date, just cut it short, leave, nothing is holding you there.

That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful if you are dating currently! Let me know do you have any tips for dating? Do you have a plan when it comes to date? Do you like to prepare nicely for it or you just go with a flow? Thank you for reading.

Have a nice day! xx

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  1. Dana Romita

    this was a great piece! and I could write the corollary “how to have a completely flawed first date” 😉
    would love to see a post about how to tell someone after a first date that you aren’t interested in seeing them again…

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