The girlfriends guide to fall adventures

Fall is such a festive time of the year to connect with your friends and explore a plethora of activities. The scenery is always insta worthy, and the seasonal food is guaranteed delish.

Here are a few adventurous ideas to do this fall with your girlfriends:


Go apple picking in a nearby orchard

Apple picking is so much fun. Pick a whole bushel or peck and you can bake for days til Thanksgiving!

Have a coffee date in the coziest cafe you know

Now is the time to unashamedly choose the pumpkin spice latte. Or maple latte & hot cocoa–my personal favorite.  (which I am drinking as I write this post) 😋


Pick pumpkins at the pumpkin patch

Gather some great pumpkins, growing in the wild, which is another opportunity to bake a pie for Thanksgiving!

Go on a fall hike

Work off the Pumpkin Spice Latte, and pie with a challenging hike.

Bake a seasonal pie together

Apple or pumpkin is the clear winners, and to really get in the fall spirit, use apples you’ve picked yourselves. Here’s a delicious recipe for apple pie.


Go on a road trip somewhere with amazing foliage

I love a good road trip, especially if you can see some killer leafage. Hopefully, you can drive a few hours. It will do miracles for your mental health.  It’s a peaceful way to  escape from the “real” world.


Enjoy a bike ride on a crisp, sunny day

If a road trip is too cumbersome, you can take a ride and see some of the gorgeous fall foliage.

Attend a fall festival

There are so many fall harvest events. Pick a couple and explore.

Step back in time (and visit a fantasy world) at a renaissance festival.

Fall is the season of renaissance fairies and festivals.  (My personal favorite). Grab your lady friends, put on some medieval garb, and toast a cup of mead.


Sample the tasty offerings at a local cidery.

Hard cider is so popular these days. It shouldn’t be hard to find a local cidery, and most offer tastings.

Take a train ride on a fall foliage route.

Traveling by train is incredibly fun–especially if you choose a beautiful destination like New England.

Sending warm and cozy fall vibes!  💋

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