The power of color-learn how you can use it to attract a man

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Did you know that colors play an essential role in attracting people? In several experiments, it has been proven that the attraction of a man towards a woman is color as the primary influence.

Colors should complement your skin tone and hair color. When you wear suitable colors, It tells a whole lot about your personality and also certain qualities of you without one word spoken.

Wearing certain colors carries a massive effect on the number of men you are going to attract.

Here are some show-stopping colors to wear along with colors to wear cautiously:



Red is the color of love and passion. When you wear this color, it will not only attract attention, but send a primal signal that you are passionate, festive, fun, sexy, and confident.



Black exudes elegance, grace, style, and mystery. It is the color that men find mysterious, so they want to uncover to discover you. Women who wear a simple black color dress are merely desirable.



Orange is a color that tells the world you like to take risks, adventurous, competitive, outdoorsy, sporty, and fun. You may want to be cautious when wearing this color as it attracts men that are more in love with a boy like qualities. They are drawn to the outer world more than the inner one.



Yellow says you are outgoing and generally a happy person. It is the color of summer and the sun. The men that are attracted to yellow are usually loving and adventurous. Wear this color cautiously as the same goes that men choosing this bright color want more fun and games.



Pink is the girliest of colors. It is the ultimate symbol of femininity. Many men like very feminine and soft kind of girls. Men who prefer to see females in these kinds of colors are generally mild and romantic. Pink on a woman can bring out a man’s protective instincts.



One of men’s favorite colors is blue, and they also love it on women. It’s not a typical female color, but men still like to see a woman in blue. Baby blue is okay, but brighter powdered colors are best. Navy’s usually seen as more meh, so leave that shade for the office.



Teal is another shade of blue that men like. Green is usually not a color that’s too attractive in the eyes of men, but teal, or turquoise is another story. It’s sassy, sophisticated, and bold, without being over the top.



Men also love white. It’s fresh, classy and pure, something that feels timeless to men. Also, if you wear winter white, you stand out amongst all the festive colors in a dark room.

Though these colors and cultural factors might have some impact on how attractive others perceive you, ultimately, it’s still most important that you feel comfortable and confident — regardless of what it is that you’re wearing.

Sending love vibes! 💋

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  1. SimpleSerenity

    I have date tonight, wish I have something orange to wear because I like it as a color, but 95% of my closet is black, white and beige, other 5% is navy blue. I’m totally boring when it comes to colors, I need to invest in some colorful pieces definitely. xx

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