How to be More Creative in Life

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Whoa, this morning was rough to get up as the new daylight savings time has me pulling the covers over and hitting the snooze.

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However, I came across this wisdom filled post over the weekend by The Silent Observer and it immediately brought me back to happier mental space.

Grab your tea, coffee, or favorite beverage and enjoy this post.  It’s a longer read than my usual blog, but well worth it.


The benefits of being creative in life can be endless. Let’s get straight into how it will help you, right? Being creative can help you be calmer, innovative, problem solver, it opens more perspectives for you than you could see before and it definitely enhances your way of thinking.

It doesn’t matter what kind of profession you are in, creativity works everywhere. It gives you the power of cooking up something new, something different. If you think life is stale, you better practice some of these following ways to be more creative.


There are people who are doubting themselves, who have so many questions lingering in their minds, they wish to be inspiring even in the smallest way possible but they lack the creativity. Maybe you are a student, wishing to inspire your fellow students or a businessman/woman who wishes to inspire their juniors or seniors. The key lies in creativity and the creative mind.

Self Reflect

Begin with self-reflection, what are your strengths and weaknesses and what stops you from reaching your true potential. What sparks creativity in you?

Become Open Minded

You can’t be creative if you are someone who jumps quick to assumptions and makes judgments with little information.

Ways To Live In the Moment

Put Yourself in Other’s shoes

The best way to not quickly jump into conclusions and understand people along with situations better is to step into their shoes. This will open up new perspectives for you.


Become An Observer

Indeed like me, hehe… Observation is crucial to not skip any details. It is a way of noticing different possibilities. It helps you learn and comprehend many things. Nothing misses out from you when you are a keen observer.

Become a Learner

Learning is an endless process. You learn something new every day. Now make a conscious effort of gathering more and more knowledge.

Make Personal Impact on someone as an Introvert

Accept your Lack of Knowledge

Becoming an open vessel is the best to start being more creative. When you start putting out all the creativity you will see how refined your ideas will be. Unlike being stuck with the old conditioning and following some set of rules.


Do not Fear Failure

It is fun, really, failure can be fun if you consider how much you get to learn from it and how much wiser it makes you. You would never know what things work for you or what directions you need to head to without experiencing failures.

Do not Fear the Unknown

Risks and challenges are scary because we have the innate fear of the unknown. We can do our best to avoid failure and still fail. But it does not mean you should stop trying. Once you know what lies ahead you will master the unknown nooks that you feared before.

risk taker

Look out of your Window

To conceive creativity, it is so important that you allow inspiration to flow through you. Nature is the best inspiration that humans can get. Open your window, what do you see? Do you see the trees, birds or the sunshine coming through? If you see a host of other windows then you better find a way to escape to a nearby source of nature. Could be beaches, hiking, parks etc.

Cook Your Meal

Taking time off to cook something for yourself is refreshing. If you are not someone who gets time to regularly cook for yourself maybe make some time for it during the weekends. You don’t have to be a good cook really. It is the best way to be in the now. While cooking you will learn you only focus on that task and everything else is distant.

How to feel Self-sufficient in life

Put efforts in your Appearance

Dressing up, choosing your look for the day, grooming is all part of feeling good and confident. Think about your style, what are the colors you prefer? I have always seen the most creative people have a distinct taste in their style and appearance. It is a way of expressing our personality.


Day Dream

I just love to daydream. I love when my mind just wanders off. You feel like it has run off to nowhere but when it comes back it will definitely have two or more inspirations or ideas waiting for you. You learn to think of possibilities and different outcomes which can bring you new opportunities or solutions.

Relax and Rest

Nothing good will come out of pressing yourself to be inspired, feel good, or feel creative. When you feel like you need a wind-down then you must have one. Totally disconnect from things that demand creativity out of you and spend time relaxing your mind, taking rest and slowly surrounding yourself with things that inspire you. It could be listening to motivational or peppy songs, or podcasts or watching someone inspirational or reading articles and books.




The ability to imagine is such a great power given to humans in my opinion. Our ability to visualize things and feel it and believe in it even before it happens is striking. Visualization is one of the key elements in the Law of Attraction and so when you practice visualizing, putting emotions to the outcome you wish to receive and believing that you have received it will make things happen for you.

You are the creator of every situation in your life and if you become a better visualizer, you can plan better, act better and totally succeed.

Why I would rather fail than regret

It simply calls you out to be a child. Have a child’s mind, be curious, keep it all fun and games and keep trying. Think back to the thoughts you had as a child, that is how you will be your authentic self. When you unleash your authentic self you let yourself be creative.

I bet all my blogger community friends are super creative! Have I left some points out? Do you think it is important for everyone to be creative in life? Let’s discuss down below.

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