Florals and Mood: Why You Should Always Have Flowers Around You

I came across this post from one my favorite bloggers Finding Beauty In The Middle East.

Now that Fall is upon us; I figured I would share this blog with you to bring joy and a ray of sunshine in your home as well as your mind.

Do you remember the last time you purchased a bouquet of flowers? Perhaps it was a stunning arrangement for a friend in celebration of their birthday, a single stemmed rose for someone special, or a floral vase as a gift to remind your mother of how much she is appreciated. When it comes to florals and mood, flowers have the ability to lift spirits and improve moods and as such a simple gesture, research shows that sending and receiving flowers is one of the easiest ways to improve one’s frame of mind, induce happiness and relieve stress.

But have you ever wondered what it is about flowers that allows them to have this effect? Well, I’m sharing my thoughts on florals and mood, and how flowers improve your mood and why you should always have them in abundance around you.

Flowers Release Happy Chemicals Within the Body

According to scientific research, flowers induce the release of three chemicals within the body: dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin. These happy chemicals are triggered by color, variety, and a feeling of trust and importance, with each chemical having a different positive effect. Dopamine is associated with reward, which when released, produces immense happiness.  While Oxytocin is known as the ‘bonding hormone’ which is linked to trust. As for Serotonin, it is known to regulate mood and social behavior. Having these three powerful hormones released simultaneously when presented with flowers instantly brightens any attitude and boosts euphoria.

Florals and Mood: Why You Should Always Have Flowers Around You

Create a Sense of Calm and Peace

Flowers can also produce a strong connection with nature, creating a sense of calm and peace within a person. Essentially, humans always go back to nature for peace of mind and it is this connection to the earth that keeps us grounded. The organic essence of flowers rids negative feelings, such as depression and anxiety. Studies have also shown that when displayed around the home, flowers establish a more positive atmosphere, making the place a more harmonious environment for everyone.

Flowers Deepen Connections

According to research, relationships are also influenced, creating a deepened connection between those within the exchange. Although common, the gifting of flowers can be of a very personal nature and signifies to the recipient a sense of value. In the long run, people tend to become happier and more energetic when surrounded by flowers with a long-lasting feeling of joy and delight. As a natural remedy, the gifting or buying of flowers is a beautiful option to liberate any negative emotions or built-up frustrations you might have. Sometimes flowers are all you need.

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  1. Joy

    wow I never knew this about flowers well I’ll definitely buy more every week and I’ll share that to my boyfriend so that he gets me flowers every time as well 😛 Amazing post as always, thanks for sharing xx

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