Perfume Hacks to make it last all day

Hooray it’s Friday!

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Since I was a teenager, I was obsessed with perfumes. Maybe it was all the ads in Vogue that got me hooked. Til this day, I pride myself in smelling great.

Here are my perfume hacks to make it last all day:

Fragrance Layering

In the Middle East putting on perfume is a ritual. They layer their fragrances, and it involves many disparate elements as oils, perfumes, rose-water, and infusing one’s hair and clothing with scented smoke from bakhoor.

Musk and citrus. Apply the heavier scent first, then finish up with the lighter one. Jo Malone has a fantastic fragrance combining guide that you can use to figure out which scents play well together (and you don’t necessarily have to use Jo Malone’s).

As a general rule, you want to start by layering scents that are in or close to the same scent family, Kapla says, noting that scents typically fall into categories like Woody, Floral, Oriental, Fresh, Citrus.

Moisturize first

Fragrances last longer when applied to oily complexions. Moisturize your skin with lotion before you douse yourself in perfume. Just make sure you use an unscented moisturizer, otherwise, the lotion will mix with the notes of your perfume, and the scent will change.

Areas to spritz



If you apply your perfume to warmer areas of the body, it’ll be more intense and be fragrant for longer. Apply it to your pulse points – where the blood vessels are at the surface on your skin (your wrists, elbows, neck, chest, the back of the knees, ankles, and calves). Your pressure points naturally radiate heat, helping the fragrance evaporate from the skin.

Apply Vaseline To Your Pressure Points


As noted above, perfume lasts a lot longer if you apply it to oily, damp skin. Rub some Vaseline onto our pulse points as it helps to lock in the scent.

The lighter the scent, the less time it’ll last

Lighter aromatic scents like citrus or jasmine will evaporate faster as they have a smaller molecular structure, whereas scents like wood and musk will linger longer on your skin.

Apply Your Perfume After You Shower

If you apply your perfume to your body when it’s still damp, the moisture will lock in the scent so it’ll last a whole lot longer – plus you won’t stain any of your clothes with spray marks, yikes!

Spritz Your Hairbrush

Spraying your brush with your perfume as it will disperse the scent through your hair. Your hair will retain the fragrance all day, but it won’t cause damage or drying like it might if you spray it directly onto your hair.

DIY Perfume Lotion

To create your own signature moisturizer, put a couple of drops of your perfume into an unscented lotion and shake well. You’ll be creating the scented lotion equivalent of your fragrance, but for a fraction of the cost – it’s a total bargain! Plus, it’s the ideal lotion to apply before you spritz, for long-lasting sweetness.

Store your fragrance in a cool dark place

If you keep your perfume bottles in warm, damp places, the heat will damage the molecular structure and destroy the quality of the fragrance. So make sure they’re not in your sunny bathroom or any direct sunlight. Instead, keep them safely in a box as well as a cool dark place.

If you don’t have the time to follow any of these steps, just carry a small atomizer, $10.00 in your purse, so you can keep the gorgeous smell going.

Sending relaxing weekend vibes!  💋

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  1. ayrgalaxy

    That’s really interesting about layering perfumes. I didn’t know one could do that. It would be hard to do if you didn’t have scents from the same family though lol.
    And I knew about applying behind the ear, inside the elbow and inside the knee, but I didn’t know the pressure points and heat was what made them last longer. Interesting and I learned something new today lol. Too bad my nose can’t tolerate many fragrances anymore. 😣

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