Reinvent yourself anytime and any age- A conversation with singer, songwriter Genesis Jones

As I sit here with Genesis Jones, she is still celebrating her Billboard Chart hit “With or Without You.”

Genesis Jones began her career as a model.  She reinvented herself when her father passed away ten years ago. Quincy Jones said to her “baby start singing, start writing.” “Throw yourself into music as it will save your soul.” He saw something in me that “I could not see myself.”

Yesterday, she sat down with me to describe how we can all reinvent ourselves at any time and any age.

How did music become your profession instead of a passion?

I did not decide; it chose me. Vince Vaughn, an actor and music producer, asked me if he could use my songs for music placement. That’s how it became a profession instead of practicing.

What got you to write songs? (childhood trauma, happiness, money?)

I always knew in life your independence is freedom, so if I could write my own songs, I would be in control of my future. I wanted freedom instead of waiting for someone to write songs for me. I did not want to beholden to anyone. It taught me the importance of having the discipline, self-love, and courage to take control of my life.


Can you remember the first time you wrote a song? Describe it to me.

My first song was for and about my cat. It went like this: Just sittin around kissing kitty.

What is better about a song sung by the writer?

Lyrics and melody come through a source. I cannot hear it as it’s coming through, I just write it down.  There is no process.  When I sing my own songs, I almost have to learn the story because it was just a source that sent me the lyrics and the melody. When someone gives me a song that they have written, I read it and sing it on the dot. There are no processes of learning that song. It’s more challenging to sing my own songs than someone else’s.

Are you more of a singer or more of a songwriter?

A singer

What mind hack did you try to get over the fear of a new career path after being a model for so many years?

I did not have any concern, I knew something in me was calling fourth this path. Music saved my soul.


Did you have a goal setting workbook?

No, I just wrote every day and sung every day for 4-6 hours a day. When you practice art in any form, the universe hears you. Do the work, don’t give up.

Did you set an end date to achieve your goal to become a successful singer?

No, success is relative. Do the work as best as you can.

Do you advise us to have a mentor that can guide us to achieve our goals?

Yes, I live by examples or things that pull us forward to our dreams. Aretha Franklin allowed me to find my sound. I studied her for years. I watched Sade with her confidence and swag; she often did not need a band. Johnny Cash teaches me about courage. I love the legends.

Some people try to tell you what’s inside of you. Carve out your own path.

Thank you, Genesis Jones!

Check out her latest music hit single With or Without You video:

Sending loving vibes! 💋

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