Want to empower yourself? Practice letting go of these types of people

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In the not so distant past, I was unaware of how I was allowing other people to hold me back. I was giving my power away to people who were not adding any joy, or happiness. I could not understand at the moment what I was doing wrong until I practiced the art of letting go. Once I did this, I empowered myself, and my whole life got sunnier.

Practice letting go of these types of people:

People with no boundaries

These are the types that you give a pinky, and they take your arm. Β They can be energy vampires.

People you cannot trust

You need to feel comfortable with your friends, or partner. Once that person breaks that trust you, it is tough to see them in the same light. In any relationship, you need to feel safe.

People that use guilt, or manipulation

These individuals are looking out for themselves not you. Remember that. They think it is our job to please them. You are not responsible for their happiness, or emotions.

People that have a victim mentality

`These people have memorized victimization so well that suffering is their place of comfort. They do not take responsibility for their lives. Suffering and victimization people are addicted to this internal state of mind. Nothing in their environment, person, or experience is going to move them from their internal chemical state of suffering. It feels better for them to be in pain than to let go and be happy. They don’t want to be distracted from their addiction to pain. If you hang around them long enough, they will blame you for some odd experience they encountered.

People that only call, or text when they need something from you

Friendship is like interlacing your fingers together, a two-way street. We celebrate the good, bad, and the ugliness in our lives. The people who only show up when they need you to solve a problem, money, or borrow your car are not your friends. But if we consistently notice that someone is only there when they need something, then maybe it’s time to close the door and walk away.

The mean people

The girls, or men that tell youΒ ” You are fat” (which is their issue with weight, not yours), you wear too much makeup, or someone who constantly puts you down whenever they get a chance is not a friend. Anyone that shows this level of disrespect should be cut out of your life as they have unresolved mental issues that they are trying to project on to you. If you keep them around, it will take a toll on your self-esteem.

Everyone deserves love with compassion, but it starts with you first. By keeping boundaries, or letting go of these types of people, you will be honoring and loving yourself. Once you begin to love yourself, you open the door for more meaningful, positive, and nourishing connections.

Namaste πŸ’‹

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