A Whimsical trip to Candytopia

Happy Monday!

I wanted to share with you a sweet post without the calories of my recent trip with my friend Angie of Total Body Fitness NYC to Candytopia.

Candytopia, is a pop-up exhibition that was made famous during its run in Los Angeles. It finally made its way to New York City. Tucked inside Penn Plaza, over a dozen rooms are lined up for your candy-filled enjoyment. The tasty extravaganza opened on August 15 and runs through November 15.

We arrived at a Harry Potter-esque main entrance, straight out of Diagon Alley. There we were led into a Clock Room, with a Wonka-like tour guide. He explained some rules (for example, you can’t work your way backward through the exhibit) and instructed us to have some fun—and EAT SOME CANDY. He offered us samples from a gigantic tray of Lindt chocolates.

Entrance to exhibition


Every single item you see here is made of different candies.



We were led through room after room without a tour guide. It was an exquisite Wonderland, Art Gallery, Under the Sea—and in each room, almost everything is made of Candy! From flying pigs to unicorns to dragons, it’s all candy! You can’t eat the candy sculptures or art, but each room contains a treasure trove of candy samples for the taking (and tasting).


The optical illusion picture was taken by an overhead camera that is operated by a staff member.


The last room is a giant marshmallow pool where you have to take off your shoes and just roll around like a giant kid!


Don’t miss out on this fun-filled exhibition if it arrives in your city.

Sending tasty sweet vibes! 💋

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