Luggage tags guide – what to add and what to leave out

There is nothing worse than waiting at the carousel anticipating your luggage while traveling. I dread it if I have to take more than one flight.

Lately, airlines are getting their act together by reuniting lost bags with their owners. About 97 percent of all lost bags are found and returned within two days, according to the Los Angeles Times. And there are a few steps you can take to ensure that your lost luggage is among that merry group.

1. Do not list your home address

By not listing your home address, you will be less likely to be targeted for a robbery while you are away,โ€ according to USA Today. However, the address of where youโ€™ll be traveling is a best in the event your luggage gets lost on the outbound flight (include it on a small slip of paper in addition to the permanent card in your luggage tag). If youโ€™re worried about luggage getting lost on the return flight, consider listing a work address instead of home.

2. Do not have a flag or anything that could identify your nationality

You don’t want your native country on blast on your luggage as you do not want to be a target for others intolerance. Also, get a luggage tag with a cover so someone near you can’t scan your information.

3. Take a picture of your luggage

When describing your luggage to an agent, it is best if you have a picture of it. Also, send yourself an email that includes the photo of your luggage, its dimensions and your contact information (phone number and work address) that you can forward to the airline in the event your luggage goes missing.

Hopefully, luggage tags will be a thing of the past as there are digital luggage tags already provided by most airlines, which offer a secure way to track your bags and allow airport workers to scan for private information.

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      Thank you! Got the idea when my luggage got lost on another flight. I was describing a bag that looked similar to 99% of all passengers. ๐Ÿ˜‚

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