The TV Shows To Watch When You Have A Flu

Friday is finally here! 🙏🏼

My apologies to Eicha of Iscriblr for the delayed response to this fun tag.  If you have not read any of her posts, please be sure to click here and check out her blog as it is full of the best uplifting content.

About the tag, well – it’s a simple, joyful tag, where you share your favorite three shows and three treasured heroes from it!

Marvelous Mrs Meisel, Amazon Prime Video

This show is epically funny yet educational. It’s about a woman in the 1950’s living on the Upper West Side of New York. She appears to be a woman who has it all until her marriage falls apart. At her lowest point, she discovers her hidden talent as a comedian. Look out for these heroes in the show, Miriam Maisel, Susie Myerson, and Shirley Maisel.  By the end of the series, you will forget you have the flu because you will be laughing so hard.

Succession, HBO

The season finale ended last Sunday. This impressive new drama series follows the life of a prosperous media family. The father is the head of the empire while one son conspires to take over. The entire family is dysfunctional, so it creates an interesting dynamic. Cousin Greg is the hero of the show as he knows where all the shady business bones are buried.

Big Little Lies, HBO

Based on the same-titled best-seller by Liane Moriarty, “Big Little Lies” weaves a dark story of murder and mischief in the tranquil beachfront town of Monterey, Calif. Amidst doting moms, successful husbands, beautiful children, and jaw dropping homes. The acting in this show is phenomenal. You will be hooked after the first episode.  Check out the heroes of the show, Bonnie Carlson, Celeste Wright, and Madeline Martha Mackenzie as their roles are profound.


1.  No more than 3 TV-shows.
2.  Pick the heroes u like in each show.
3.  Add the pictures or gifs, if you like.
4.  Humor is welcome.
5.  Nominate some folks around – spread the word.
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  1. iScriblr

    Hahaha.. Loved your choices!❤

    I haven’t yet watched Succession – but by the looks of it and the way you’ve described it – I’m gonna start with it this weekend! 😉

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