Summer Beauty Guide – Your Best Bet to Glow

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Today, I am featuring a guest post from one of my favorite bloggers Esther Lackie of Finding Beauty in the Middle East.

Have a look at her Summer Beauty Guide – Your Best Bet to Glow:

We have less than a month to go before the temperatures start dropping, but we are still in the thick of summer. This means some of us are still on holiday or headed on a last-minute vacay before the school year begins.  But whether there (exotic locations) or here (home), our skin has to look fabulous at all times. That’s why we have a special summer beauty guide that we (think) is your best bet to keep your skin glowing. And after you are done with it, your skin will be thanking you, or vice versa, before fall and winter kick in, and we come up with another beauty guide.

But we have to finish with all the vacationing first. So, do you think you’ll be stepping off that plane looking impeccably rested and fresh as a rose after an eight-hour flight? Showing off a killer tan after spending days under the sun with a few (or more) nights spent dancing and sipping cocktails? It may sound possible (especially during the cocktails), but in reality, it is more likely to happen only if you own a private jet, make-up artist, and an around-the-clock assistant! But, if you were to just stick to the 3 essentials in this summer beauty guide, you might achieve that tanned glow after all.

Glow with this summer beauty guide 

1.  Clean 

A cleansed face is mandatory for a glowing complexion, as dirt absorbs the light reflection and gives you the dull look. Give LUNA 2 a try as it is the perfect silicone cleansing brush which pulsates back and forth to zap dirt and excess oil from your skin. The play plus and mini versions are perfect for packing in your holiday suitcase (so you travel light). They are also ultra-powerful at the same time, allowing a deep yet gentle cleansing of the skin.

2.  Hydrate

Hydrate both from within and outside. Drink as much water as you can and use a moisturizer that’s adapted to your skin type at least twice a day. Yes, lemonades and some cocktails are included and count for hydration (but don’t overdo it hence you end up seriously hydrated. Remember, hydration is the key to a younger skin.

3.  Protect

Sunglasses, hat and, yes you guessed it, sunscreen are the 3 heroes for a healthy skinnot only during your seasons in the sun but throughout the year. To avoid burning yourself to a crisp, you can use a self-tanning cream for a sun-kissed look (your skin will thank you later on).

So, what’s the most simple thing included in your summer beauty guide that works magic for you? Tell us in the comments…

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  1. FebruaryCircus

    Great post! I think these tips are the essentials to keep your skin happy. My skin condition has never been as good as this summer! I drink lots of water, apply sunscreen and make sure to eat fruits that are high in vitamin C. I have also been having lots of makeup free days (more makeup free than with make up actually) and my skin is so grateful.

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