Deal-Breakers in Bed

Thank you Hers Magazine for publishing this article I wrote on Deal Breakers in Bed for this month’s issue.

By Ingrid Levin

There’s nothing like the excitement of meeting someone that makes your heart sing, and you desire them sexually, but the sparks quickly diminish when you encounter your deal breakers in bed.

Here are a few deal breakers in bed that will leave you running like the bed is on fire but not the right kind of flame:

  1. Body Odor

Body Odor is a total romance killer.  Depending on the diet a man maintains, i.e., eating certain ethnic foods that end up emanating from his pores, it’s just not sexy at all.

  1. Profusely Sweating During Sex

It kills the mood, vibe, everything.  We understand your man is trying to impress you with his stellar moves, and sweat is inevitable. But when it’s trickling down your face, it is just plain gross.

  1. Porn Video Playing in the Background

Playing a porn video while you are having sex is a serious deal breaker, especially at the beginning of your courtship.  It says subliminally to a woman that she is not enough. It also questions a woman’s performance in bed.  No woman wants to compete with the girl on the screen who has on red carpet makeup, is bleached in all the right private body parts and has unrealistic body measurements that are in flexed in impossible positions.

  1. Gorilla in the Midst Body Hair

Body hair everywhere is the worst, especially if you enjoy pleasuring your partner down south.  It discourages a woman from performing their mind-blowing all-star blowjob.  It cannot be stressed enough how vital manscaping is for a man whether he is single, engaged or married.

  1. Playing with Your Tushy not Bushy

During foreplay, the adrenaline is kicked into high gear when you know a man will get busy and go down, but when he takes a detour and goes for your tushy instead, it’s a total deal breaker.

  1. Stage Fright

Things get hot and heavy, you begin tearing off each other’s clothes, and all of the sudden he gets stage fright and can’t get it up. As embarrassing as this is for the guy, the woman just sits there helplessly thinking, “Is it me?” “Is this a sign of things to come?” “Did I say something wrong?”

  1. Baby Talk

It’s called baby talk because this type of language is reserved for babies, not grown women.  Women want to feel, sexy, sensual, beautiful and aroused while in bed.  There is nothing erotic about “baby talk.”

Women are far more forgiving than men when it comes to putting up with a lot of small annoyances, but there’s only so much a boss babe is willing to put up with for sex. So, try to avoid these deal-breakers next time you go to bed.

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