Sparkle up your future with this simple mind trick

During the fall/winter months our minds wander into a downward spiral as we look forward to New Year’s and reflect on the year end’s events, but preparing your mind now will make all the difference, so you can feel renewed and excited to take on the festive holiday season with a new lease on life.

Start with a vision board.  You can download one on Itunes Pic JointerLay Out, or a simple notebook with pictures from magazines, or Pinterest.

Here’s how to do it:

  1.  You must be in the proper head space to visualize your new life.  Make it a sacred moment by meditating to connect with your highest self.  Light some candles or aromatherapy oils to put you in the mood to allow all the good to flow.
  2. Cut out magazine pictures that you want to attract in your future; it could be a couple of hugging, cool new exotic car, home, handbag, or anything you want in your future.  Glue the images to your notebook.

Once completed have three words that identify the person you want to be, and be honest.  If you chose a material item think about the feeling you wish from attaining this item.  Also, add the why you want it.  The last step is looking at it before you go to sleep, so it stays in your subconscious.  The sleepier you feel, the less resistance you will experience in your subconscious and conscious mind when viewing your new self.

By repeatedly visualizing, with strong emotion and faith, slowly you will see your circumstances change.  Be specific, if you want a new house, see yourself in this home and live every day with excitement as if you live in this home.  I know it sounds crazy, but this works.

The last step is to detach!  It is the most important step as when you detach you allow the subconscious to go to work instead of obsessing over something you cannot control right now.  You ONLY think about your desire during the times you are visualizing it.  Don’t give a crumb of worrying when and how your desire will manifest.  You must surrender and completely trust the universe.

Sending happy Monday vibes! 💋

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Photo credit:  Ola Rudnicka for Numero Tokyo by Ellen von Unwerth


  1. RevolutionaryRoads

    This post is incredible! I absolutely love the idea of visualizing a new start 🙂 I am also looking to make some big changes in my life and sometimes it’s definitely needed to be constantly reminded of what I want to achieve. Thanks for sharing <3

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