Tech Day Sunday – How to avoid iPhone X spying on you

Afer spending the night at the Apple Store to buy your new iPhone X be prepared to get secretly spied on while not using your phone’s camera.

Google developer Felix Krause, who identified on his blog this week an alarming truth about IOS apps that have access to our phone cameras. According to Krause, apps with the necessary permissions are technically capable of recording the user at any time, regardless of whether they have manually pressed a button or issued a command to capture a photo or a video within the app.

Oh, there’s more, along with snapping a photo or recording a video, Krause claims that apps can access both front and back cameras, upload pictures and videos right after taking them and even run facial recognition to detect the user’s facial features and expressions using Apple’s Vision framework.

So how can you avoid this creepy voyeur set up?  Buy a camera case and uncover the camera when you want to take a picture or a video. Otherwise, Apple will need to change how the permissions work to make this impossible.

Sending relaxing Sunday vibes!

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