How to avoid being Tindstagrammed?

New meaning to stranger danger!

Tindstagrammed is a combination of the words “Tinder” and “Instagram.” The term refers to when guys (or occasionally girls) get rejected, or failure to match with them on an online dating app, and then they search out that person on social media and slide into their DM’s.

Tinder began allowing users to link their Instagram profiles to their account back in April 2015; this creepy huntsman act is now easier than ever.

To avoid getting Tindstagrammed try the following:

Opt out linking your Instagram account to your Tinder account.

Don’t share too much information 

Don’t share your favorite Instagram accounts, or likes because these stalkers can find you

Don’t post any Facebook, Snap Chat, or any personal social media accounts with your photo

Avoid posting any LinkedIn posts, or sharing any piece of information wherein it can be linked back to your account

The world is full of stalkers, but you don’t have to give them the keys to enter your social media accounts.

Sending safe, love vibes!

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Photo credit:  Yasmeen by Sante D’ Orazio

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