When life gives you lemons use them for beauty

Lemons are a gift from the beauty gods!  They are an excellent source of calcium, vitamin C, magnesium, and potassium — minerals and antioxidants that improve the appearance and condition of our hair, skin, and nails.

Check out these useful ways lemons can help you:

Acne, uneven skin tone, dark spot eliminator 

Lemon works on combating acne-prone skin by reducing oil secretions and pimple-causing bacteria.  Do not apply the lemon juice directly on the skin as it will burn.  Always combine it with a natural base like aloe vera juice, witch hazel or rice water.  The citric acid in the lemon will gradually fade dark spots, so it can even out your skin tone.

Teeth Whitner 

Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with lemon juice and rub it on your teeth with a Q tip, or your finger, then brush with toothpaste.  The astringent of the lemon will kill any and all bacteria in your mouth.  The baking soda will scrub away annoying teeth stains.

Nail Strengthener

Repairs dry, brittle and yellowed nails from all the gel manicures you have had in the past.  Mix the lemon juice with your favorite oil, coconut, avocado, olive, or grapeseed oil in a small bowl.  Soak your nails for 10 minutes, or more then rinse.  Try it three times a week.


Lemon juice comes to the rescue for those suffering from dry scalp and dandruff.  DIY hair mask of  coconut oil with honey in a bowl, mix it then apply, cover your hair with a plastic shower cap, wait 30 minutes then rinse, followed by shampoo and conditioner.  If you want to lighten your locks, combine lemon juice, and hair conditioner, comb through strands, sit in the sun for a few hours and wash out. Repeat these steps at least once a week, and you will notice that your hair is significantly lighter.

Dark Elbow and Knee eliminator 

Cut a lemon in half then rub it on your elbow and knees.  The citric in the lemon is a natural bleacher for your skin.  Leave it on overnight.

Chapped lips cure

Only use the lemon juice if your lips are not severely chapped otherwise you are asking for IRL painful burn.  If they are semi chapped apply the lemon juice on your pucker before bed.  The lemon juice will remove any dead skin cells so that your lipstick goes on super smooth.

Now that we are knee deep into fall it’s the perfect time to incorporate lemons into your beauty regimen.

Sending beauty vibes! 💋

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  1. Jess

    I have some dark areas that have been bothering for as long s I can remember; I will use the lemon on those areas every day. Also, the facial lemon mask base sounds fantastic to the event the skin; especially as we get older. The natural whiting teeth whitening starts from tomorrow; I have plenty of baking soda here. Very useful post. My scalp is also killing me, and lest not even talk about dry lips which I suffer even in summertime lol

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