Tech day Sunday – More Uber fees

Listen up late divas; Uber will charge you if you are late!

Uber is really after our hard earned cash these days. First, it was the ridiculous surcharge for peak hours for pick up, and now there is an additional fee if the driver waits for you after two minutes.

Tuesday’s announcement means extra earnings for drivers who take on faraway pickups, and even fees for returned lost items — triple check that if you leave anything behind when you exit the car. Leaving your phone behind will cost you dearly, so rude.

If you are compulsively late these charges can add up as much as a new IPhone 8.

Gitty up and be on time for your drivers.

Happy Sunday! 💋

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  1. Jess

    I won’t even get into details in regards to Uber ridiculous fees/over-charges. As a matter of fact; I stopped using their services, and ever since; I haven’t looked back. Awful!

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