What your Halloween costume says about your personality

Halloween weekend is here! As the excitement grows for some, it is best to pick your Halloween costume wisely if you do not want to reveal your “true” personality.

According to experts, Halloween costumes can also reveal your current situation as well as deep-rooted insecurities.

Here are the different types of costumes and what they say about you:

Sexy costumes

Reflect either a repressed sexuality or a health expression of someone who is not very repressed, but wants to be viewed as a sex object.

Celebrity costumes

You are trying to show knowledge of trends, pop culture, and current events. You may also be trying to channel that celebrity’s personality, sexuality, or intelligence.

Scary Costumes

Zombies or vampires are said to be expressing a fascination with horror, gore, and death.

Princess, fairytale costumes

Individuals wearing these costumes are often trying to go back to a much simpler time in their life when they were innocent and full of precocious wonderment.

Animal costume

You are displaying a personality trait that you admire in an animal. Dogs are loyal; lions are strong, sharks are aggressive.

Cartoon character

People that chose these costumes want to leave the seriousness of the world behind them and just want to be silly.

Villain Costume

Is a person trying to alienate themselves from people because they feel vulnerable, anxiety and they do not want to be intimate.


Represents a person’s feelings of helplessness, doubt, and insecurity about the world.

I bet after reading this list it makes you think twice about choosing a costume, right?

Happy Halloween weekend! Β πŸ’‹

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  1. Anne | Beautybyadutchgirl

    I liked reading this. We don’t celebrate halloween overhere but I have thought of it what me costume would be if we were celebrating it! I think I’d go for a celebrity or a villain or something. Just a costume where you could be really pretty in. I’m not into the very scary-costumes! This blogpost really made me think of it! xo

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