Drafting Season is not over yet

This year’s fall feels like a bipolar date. One day it’s hot and humid, next day it’s chilly. The weather is in a funk, which is why Drafting Season is not over yet.

Drafting Season means you get serious about finding that someone to share Cuffing season. You’re literally Drafting people to date before it gets dark and cold on these mean streets.  Men and women get lazy to go out and meet people IRL when the temperature hits below 30℉ degrees.

You probably already participated in Drafting Season when you got serious about your online dating apps so that you can take that special someone to your holiday events.

The best trick to Drafting Season is to have a pair and a spare. If one, or two falls through (not courting you properly), you still have one person left. It allows you to see through the contenders vs the pretenders.  It prevents you from feeling thirsty AF. Also, it keeps you away from letting yourself too loose after a heavy make out session.

There’s a downside with Drafting Season as with any new dating trend, some people break up before, or after Valentine’s Day.  That is, if you have not made a meaningful connection.

So next time you are out ordering that Pumpkin Spice Latte look around to see if anyone is Draft worthy.

Happy humpday!  💋

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Photo credit:  Richandsingledating.com on Pinterest


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