Think you are not successful? Think again

Each person defines success as to what their desires, tastes and needs are at the moment. Success is also measured through various outlooks depending on the culture, and country.

If we carefully look at our lives we will see that we are already successful, we just don’t see it.

Here are a few examples:

Having one, or two close friends are crucial to your lifespan. The positive social connection keeps you healthier than exercise alone. Just look at the Okinawan culture. They have a vibrant social life. The Okinawans live up to 100 plus years old.

Viewing failure as training is a positive sign for greater success. Billionaire Mark Cuban lost his nightclub because an underage teen entered the bar for a wet t-shirt contest. He used this failure as training for his future business ventures.

Feeling proud on the inside when you kicked ass without expecting validation from others. The fulfilling feeling you get when you achieved a goal is immeasurable. Once you feel good on the inside, you radiate more positive outcomes. Knowing you did a good job is all that matters with, or without accolades.

Feeling purposeful. When you wake up with fearless passion ready to set the world on fire you are living a purposeful life. The drive that fuels you is the success because that’s what it takes to get you to the next level.

Success is not an end goal because once you achieve it, we want more. Knowing we already have success in our lives makes the journey sweeter.

Sending success vibes! 💋

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