“5 to 1 magical ratio” to keeping a healthy and stable relationship

We all want the secret or formula for a lasting relationship, but sometimes we don’t have the tools, or experience to resolve conflicts.

According to the renowned therapist, relationship researcher, and author Dr. John Gottman developed a “5 to 1 magical ratio,” to keeping healthy and stable relationships.

The formula is simple to follow: engage in five positive interactions for every negative one.

If you and your boo get into a disagreement or a petty fight you need to make up for the negativity by ensuring that soon after you need to have five interactions that leave you both feeling the love instead of angry.

Try these positive actions:

A hug
A kiss
A warm hand on the shoulder
offer sincere compliments
Express appreciation for your partner and everything they contribute to the relationship
leave a massage coupon on their pillow
Leave a love note on a”Post it” and place it on their computer, or coffee mug
A small gift like a Hershey’s Kiss
Text, or e-mail a picture of you and your partner when you were deeply in love with a positive caption

A little goes a long way, especially if you do it consistently with sincerity.

Sending love vibes! đŸ’‹

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