Undersea restaurant in Maldives

I usually do an entire post dedicated to a city, but this restaurant caught my eye after reading a ton of articles on climate change and the coral reefs.

The Maldives is on my bucket list of places to visit someday, so I wanted to share with you this gorgeous undersea restaurant intel.

For all of you Poseidon enthusiasts eating out takes on a whole new level at Ithaa, which means mother-of-pearl in Dhivehi, is an undersea restaurant located 5 metres below sea level at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island in Alif Dhaal Atoll in the Republic of Maldives.

Furthermore, Conrad Maldives was the first resort to build an underground wine cellar; the first to invite world-class chefs and winemakers to its islands and the first to establish a cheese bar. Conrad Maldives continues to offer the largest wine list in the region with over 20,000 bottles of approximately 1,400 labels in The Wine Cellar, built two metres underground, whoa!

As you walk into the jaw-dropping restaurant, visitors must walk to the end of a jetty and climb a spiral staircase down into a coral reef. They then enter the glass tunnel through the curved roof.

The restaurant only has 14 seats available, so this is not for the last minute traveler. The menu is European cuisine with a savory flare.

Sadly, the building’s architecture firm estimates that the structure, because it’s under extreme conditions, will only last 20 years, so you better start booking a reservation like yesterday.

This definitely looks like a place where you want to say “I do.”

Happy Monday! 💋

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