Tech Day Sunday – More grief for banned Uber as arch-rival Lyft moves in on London market

Lyft is following the steps of Uber into world domination transportation. As of now, Lyft does not have a registered company in the UK or a private hire license, which it would need to receive to begin operating. Any attempt to launch in London could well face opposition from taxi groups and politicians who fear congestion in the city.

However, this week Lyft has been emboldened by Uber’s struggles in London, which was given the boot. Uber, arrived London in 2012, and now faces a lengthy battle over its future in the city.

TfL said on Friday that Uber had failed to ensure passenger safety, neglecting to report criminal offenses and follow the rules on background checks.

Although Uber will be allowed to continue operating as it appeals the decision, its struggles will be seen as an opportunity for any new online taxi hail cab service.

Unlike Uber, Lyft has stuck to the US so far and has been gobbling market share in recent months as its primary rival reels from a series of corporate crises. Although it operates a similar business model, it has positioned itself as more socially acceptable than its much bigger and more controversial competitor.

Let’s see what happens because it is fun to ride those London cabs. They are small, black, cute, and bouncy fun.

Hope you all are having a relaxing Sunday! 💋

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