Everything you need to know about Benching

According to the Urban dictionary Benching is when you start dating someone you think is nice and who has potential, but you’re not crazy about them. You don’t know whether to keep dating them, or dump them and move on to the next one. This is where Benching happens; instead of going for either of the above polarized options, you put your date in your mental ‘maybe’ folder and ‘bench them’ so you date around to see what else is out there.

Think of playing team sports. When you’re benched, you’re not actually playing. But you’re still on the team, ready and waiting for when the coach decides to bring you back into play.

A bencher stops hanging out with you. They simply tap a like here, or two on your social media accounts, and keep it moving.

There’s no clean break. Their non-committal yet flirty texts are endless.

Benchers make the bare minimum plans to see you, so you are left confused.

So why is this happening? There are loads of options in the dating world, so they begin to feel overwhelmed.  Some benchers suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out).

They should rename this dating trend to spineless. If a real woman or man wants you they will slay dragons to see you consistently as well as court you in a proper fashion.

Happy humpday!

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  1. Jess

    Interesting, Now I know the term for the growing trend. Dating apps have contributed the benching. Hence, benching is more prevalent than ever. Oh well 😉

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