4 Personality types by color – What color are you?

Long before we all existed ancient Greek thinkers were conducting personality tests to study our behavior.  The original Greek name is Sanguine, Melancholic, Phlegmatic, and Choleric.  For purposes of this post, I used Vicki Musni’s four-color system, so it’s easier for us to remember the four personalities that each of us possess.

  1. “Yellow,” is a bright, sunny, and loud” person.  These are the creative types that are not organized in the household, or at work.  You can spot them at the office because their desk is messy.  On the bright side, they are optimistic and exude positive energy.
  2. “Blues” are the deep thinkers. They strive for perfection and they tend to be really organized, but just think of deep thinkers whereas, “bright-sunny-loud” tend to blurt stuff out. “Blues” tend to think things through before they speak.
  3. “Red” is really exactly what you would think of a red personality-that power color is the go-getter type. Sometimes, they’re the “my way or the highway” people, very energetic, strong hand gestures.  They are the CEO’s of the world.  Always in a position of leadership.
  4. “Greens,” picture cool, calm, green grass, big meadows, and just that peaceful feeling.  These people go along with the flow.  They are the Zen masters.

Musni study says that most people fall between a 50/50 split of the colors. Click here for a free online personality quiz.

What color are you?

Wishing everyone a happy Tuesday!

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