Debunking the facial once a month myth

For years the beauty industry has been telling us that we need facials once a month for anti aging, deep cleansing, zit extractions, etc. and it’s totally false.

No matter your skin type; if you religiously exfoliate, mask it, or do an overnight hydrating mask as well as eating vegetables, fruits, soaked chia seeds along with drinking water you don’t need a facial once a month.  No amount of serums, mask, or cream can reverse the signs of aging in an hour facial.

The myth that we need facials for proper cleansing is FALSE.  All you need to buy is a Clarisonic or a Foreo with a drug store cleanser and you are good to go.

Another myth I hear is that facials are necessary to remove zits and blackheads, FALSE. Only a trained dermatologist or physician with a proper therapeutic regimen can get rid of your acne. However, a good facialist can help get rid of those irritating black bumps on your face caused by clogged pores through the process of extraction. In extraction, the obstructing plug is gently removed from the follicle with the use of a sterilized instrument. The problem that often arises though is that many aestheticians do not know the difference between a whitehead or a blackhead and they try to extract all the pimples on the face without any discretion. In fact, all dermatologists will tell you that whiteheads and pimples should not be extracted. This is because when you extract them, you have a much higher risk of irritation and marks. Also, very aggressive extraction can push a pimple deeper into the skin, making them even harder to treat. So, it is important to be wary of this procedure and make sure your facial provider is only working on the blackheads in a gentle manner.

It’s all about “treat yo self’ moment with facials.  Definitely, do it because it feels good, but don’t believe for a second you cannot DIY (do it yourself) at home.  The only exception is that calming feeling you get when someone else massages your face, shoulders, and dé·colle·té.


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  1. Jess

    The regular facial thing, and all the other non-sense, is just another marking plot to dry our bank accounts. since I stopped doing all these useless treatments, and buying the over-priced creams, my skin has gained strength and is looking better than ever. Further, my bank account has gotten larger $$$ 😉

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