What healthy couples do to keep things saucy

After a period of time healthy sexual couples follow a rhythm that keeps their intimacy alive despite raising children, work and life.

Here are their tricks to keeping the flames up to a volcanic level:

  • once a month they have sex in a hotel room in their city, outside of the country, or state. Its important to change up the environment.  The sceneary is equally important to avoid monotony.  It also allows our brain to release oxytocin because of the newness. You can also be more vocal without having the kiddies hear a peep.
  •  they are generous with affection, which produces feel good endorphines
  • role play, need I say more?
  • mutual satisfication
  • they communicate their sexual needs
  • they compliment each other

The grass is greener where you water it.

Happy Humpday!


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