Being Jacky O in a Kardashian world

Yes, it’s possible to be Jacky O in a Kardashian world if you find your inner strength and not succumb, or be manipulated to the  insecurities to an obsessed culture with “that look.” You know what I am talking about. 😉

I grew up with rock star women idols like Linda Carter (original Wonder Woman), Diane von Furstenberg (Fashion designer) and Barbara Walters (American Journalist) as well as Jacky O.

I was fortunate to see at a young age that you can crush the world while being a lady, classy, elegant, sophisticated, educated, smart, graceful, stylish and feminine. None of these ladies were seen in any inappropriate form publicly on their own volition.

Today’s female is bombarded with distasteful images of what is considered sexy for today’s standards. Then they end up mimicking what they see on social media, or IRL (in real life).

How can you change this form of thought into your own self-worth self?  So you are a leader not a follower.

  • Tap into your highest self by appreciating all your inner and outer beauty even if you don’t think that day you are beautiful; say it to yourself, it does a mind and body good
  • Check in with yourself emotionally and find parts of yourself that you love and write it down as a positive affirmations
  • Stop posting more skin than clothing shots on any social media (it stays online forever) you don’t know where you will be in 20 years, or whom you will marry and it can be used against you in a negative way.  That is unless you are under contract with IMG Models, or a reputable modeling agency that requires you to post, or a Victoria Secret model and there is a must to promote the brand, or a product.
  • Wear fashion outfits daily that uplift you, give you a sense of happiness and joy with a classic and timeless style
  • Surround yourself with high vibrational positive energy individuals who support you and your dreams
  • Find a mentor or a life coach, choose someone who is smarter than you either in business, spiritual growth, or life (Walk with the wise and wise you shall become, walk with fools and your life will unravel, Tim Storey)
  • Allow your authentic self to come forth to create a purposeful life

A great life awaits you if you pay attention to today’s actions as they will become tomorrow’s reality.

Namaste 🙏🏼


  1. Jess

    Is unfortunate to see some young girls literally with no manners. By the way, I have never watch the mentioned show. A person has to be brain death to watch these shows on a regular basis.

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