How to slay wrinkles & signs of aging like a boss

Isn’t exhausting trying to find an anti-aging product that works, but won’t leave you in a negative balance on your bank account, or worst by the time you are done paying off the interest on your credit card you are still left with a tired look?

I used to be a sucker for anti aging creams that were over $500.00. I tried everything, LaMer, Kanebo’s entire line, which is insanely expensive Sisley, you name it I bought it.

Now I keep it simple, once a year injections of Scrulptra, Botox and PRP along with some basic creams that give me the instant and longterm dewy fresh glow.  I don’t want to look super young, i just want to look well rested.

Recently, I experimented with two products, which have received some rave reviews.


Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair $24.99 this product has been garnering some serious awards and five-star reviews across the board.  First, its economical, highest rated retinol, which is very big now, smooth and creamy with a refreshing smell.  After a couple of months of use, my face looks radiant.  Insider tip:  many anti-aging creams use the same bases–alpha hydroxy and/or retinol. If you can find a jar of alpha hydroxy on a drug store shelf and buy that you will achieve the same results; otherwise, Neutrogena is your best choice.


Kiehls Super Multi-Corrective Cream $62.00 I adore this cream. It goes on light and non-greasy, but really hydrates dry skin. I’ve been using the cream for about 5 months and have seen great results. The discoloration on my skin has reduced immensely. My skin feels firmer and plumper.  This is a great cream for people of any age looking to see improvements in every aspect of their skin — color, firmness, and fine line reduction.

Depending on the season, I will switch between these two products as they both are great!

Give one of these a try your skin will thank you. 😘

Happy Monday beauty vibes to you all!



  1. Jess

    This post remains me of my self years ago. I wasted thousands of dollars buying inefficient skins products that hardly did a thing. I think only difference was the psychological affect lol As it has been prove scientifically, The only factors that can have a positive or negative impact on your skin are: genetics, nutrition, life style and advanced technological treatment that have the potency and capacity of penetrating all the 3 skin layers. On the other hand, botox and other treatment s referred on blog offer instant effects. This days I only use a basic creme for my skin care regime, and of course, botox and scultra 😉

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