The Rise of the Bro 

On weekday nights near my apartment in NY I see a sea of men clutching to their drinks after work as a reward for the day.

For the last two years I began to see a trend of men that can only be described as bros.

The Preppy Bro

Clean cut, well shaved Vinyard Vines loyalist by weekend and Brook Brothers suits by weekday.  This young man goes to the Vinyard, Southampton, Nantucket, or Newport, Rhode Island and stays at his parents summer home.  Obsessed with sports bars of any kind.  His favorite sport is golf.  Don't be fooled by his frat boy antics as this Bro is  a rider friend.

Suited Bro 

Perfectly tailored Tom Ford suit, scotch drinking Bro is a hard worker, plays harder on Thursdays.  Poor guy is too beat and run down for Friday rendezvous.

Hipser Bro 

This guy has quite the commute to Brooklyn, or somewhere in the burbs. He is most comfortable in his native habitat, Starbucks.  Highly caffeinated along with a  healthy dose of Adderall. They are casual and never take life too seriously.

Casual Bro

Serial Netflix watcher that seeks no further adventure than his couch.  A quality Bro that is interested on building relationships.  Not interested on being up in the video and flexing.

Fabulous Bro 

This guy is popping bottles with sparkles in the club.  Some of these men are older and recently divorced going through a mid-life crises.  This Bro is a thrill and excitement seeker 24/7.


Don't be fooled by the name.  This Bro likes to take it outside and play basketball, joins a baseball team in the summer.  He also enjoys playing tabletop games, RPGs, LARPing, the Legend of Zelda you name it. He's also good at trivia!

Jock Bro 

Team sports, running, lifting, hiking, climbing, and maybe even something more extreme sports is this Bro badge of honor.  He basically could live at the gym and has a lifetime membership at a nearby Soul Cycle studio.

Have you met any lately?


  1. Monica

    Hahaha! This is hilarious and so familiar. I know one, I met a fabulous bro, then he became bewteen a hipster and a suited–minus the suit. Lol. .

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