Goddesses Never Age 

Living in today’s culture with the obsession of youth and beauty is driving some women to allow society to dictate how they move through time.  There are women that stay in awful marriages and relationships after 40 because they think they are too old to date, or they feel devalued.

In Christine Northrup’s book “Goddesses Never Age” she describes to us some helpful pieces of advice we can all adopt.

You become what you believe, often times a woman thinks she is too old for certain activities, music, or whatever they lie themselves to believe. Just pick up a crayon and color if that helps you relax and decompress.

Belief trumps genes, if you constantly tell yourself you are old, you will look old. Your cells will follow your thoughts, so think wisely.

Getting older is enviable, aging is optional, working out, walking, doing an activity everyday. Sitting and doing nothing will not keep you fit.  Eat foods that nourish and help your body produce collagen and vitality.  One tablespoon daily of soaked Chia seeds helps your skin glow.

Your chronicle age is just a number, it means nothing. It does not define who you are spiritually.  The key to living an ageless life is knowing a part of you is eternal.

Stop celebrating milestone birthdays, those rules don’t apply to you because you are a timeless beauty.   Our culture teaches us how to move through time, but you don’t have to because you are unique.

Don’t state your age, we coauthor each others biology.  You put each other in a box. Then it tells others what to expect from you.

Live in the moment of grace and appreciation of your beauty whatever your age is today. 😘


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